89Zr-labeled anti-endoglin antibody-targeted gold nanoparticles for imaging cancer: implications for future cancer therapy

L. Karmani, V. Bouchat, C. Bouzin, P. Leveque, D. Labar, A. Bol, G. Deumer, R. Marega, D. Bonifazi, V. Haufroid, C. Michiels, V. Gregoire, O. Feron, S. Lucas, T. Vander Borght, B. Gallez,
Nanomedicine (London, U. K.) 2014, 9, 1923-1937
DOI: 10.2217/nnm.13.185


Antibody-labeled gold nanoparticles represent an attractive tool for cancer imaging and therapy. In this study, the anti-CD105 antibody was conjugated with gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) for the first time. The antibody biodistribution in mice before and after conjugation to AuNPs was studied, with a focus on tumor targeting.

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