Dr. Anna Llanes-Pallas

Graduated in April 2009

Thesis: “Nanostructuring of organic materials templated by hydrogen bonding recognition”

Current position: General Manager at CIC biomaGUNE, ES

Dr. Simone Armani

Graduated in April 2011

Thesis: “Five-membered Heterocycles as Novel Molecular Scaffolds for Targeting Triple Hydrogen Bonding Interactions”

Current position: R&D Manager at Green Oleo Srl, IT

Dr. Tomas Marangoni

Graduated in March 2012

Thesis: “Non-covalent Nanostructuration of Chromophoric Organic Materials”

Current position: Research Investigator at DuPont, US

Dr. Simon Kervyn

Graduated in January 2013

Thesis: “Synthesis, Physical Properties and Supramolecular Organization of B-doped Molecular Materials“

Current position: Manager Material Developments Coatings & Treatments at Datwyler Sealing Solutions, BE

Dr. Federica De Leo

Graduated in January 2015

Thesis: “Probing peptide-nanomaterial interface by means of Molecular Dynamics“

Current position: Senior Postdoctoral Fellow in Structural Biology at San Raffaele Hospital, IT

Dr. Daphne Stassen

Graduated in September 2015

Thesis: “π− Extension of hetero-fused aromatics: from Synthesis to Self-assembly”

Current position: Senior Researcher at AGCULTURE, BE

Dr. Jonathan Tasseroul

Graduated in April 2016

Thesis: “π− Extension of hetero-fused aromatics: Synthesis of Boron and Nitrogen-doped pi-Conjugated Carbon Nanostructures”

Current position: Technical Manager at LARECO SA – Groupe DESMA, BE

Dr. Dario Mosca

Graduated in April 2016

Thesis: “Aromatic engineering of functional soft matter”

Current position: Assistant Project Manager at Dendrogenix, BE

Dr. Silvia Forensi

Graduated in July 2016

Thesis: “Towards supramolecularly-organized H-bonded materials and their integration with carbonbased Nanostructure”

Current position: Account Manager Cosmetics Sun Chemical, IT

Dr. Rosaria Vulcano

Graduated in October 2017

Thesis: “Coupling photoisomerization processes with supramolecular interactions”

Current position: Peptides production – antibody processing manager at Eurogentec, BE

Tommaso Battisti

Graduated in October 2021

Thesis: “From Light-Induced processes in solution toward solid/liquid and liquid/liquid interfaces: the use of peri-xanthenoxanthene derivatives as photoactive compounds”

Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher at Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, ES

Alessandra Yeromina

Graduated in June 2020

Thesis: “BN-doped π-conjugated materials: from monomeric to polymeric borazine arrays”

Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Trieste, IT

Dr. Stefan Mohnani

Graduated in April 2011

Thesis: “Synthetic Approaches towards Modified Nucleic Acids (PNAs) for Biomimetical Nanostructured Surfaces”

Current position: Director at Universal Import & Export Ltd., FI

Dr. Claudia Aurisicchio

Graduated in September 2011

Thesis: “Synthesis, Self-assembly and Optoelectronic Properties of Heteroaromatic Chromophores“

Current position: Senior engineer – raw materials development at Bridgestone EMIA, IT

Dr. Laura Maggini

Graduated in March 2012

Thesis: “Self-organised Luminescent Materials Templated by Carbon Nanotubes Scaffolds“

Current position: Senior scientist at Universität Wien, AT

Dr. Valentina Corvaglia

Graduated in April 2013

Thesis: “PNA-assisted cellular migration on patterned surfaces“

Current position: Researcher at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, DE

Dr. Laure-Elie Carloni

Graduated in June 2015

Thesis: “Synthetic approaches toward functional peptidic scaffolding”

Current position: Associate Director at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, BE

Dr. Florent Pineux

Graduated in April 2016

Thesis: “Functionalized Fe-filled Carbon Nanotubes for Cancer Theranostics”

Current position: R&D Scientist at Unisensor, BE

Dr. Luka Dordevic

Graduated in April 2016

Thesis: “Tailoring Organic Matter: from Molecular Design to Functional Supramolecular Species”

Current position: Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Northwestern University, US

Dr. Tanja Miletic

Graduated in April 2016

Thesis: “Functional chromophores for light-harvesting applications”

Current position: Scientific Project Manager at EU-OPENSCREEN

Dr. Hamid Oubaha

Graduated in January 2017

Thesis: “Azobenzene-functionalized borazine: from photoresponsive nanostructures to polymeric materials”

Current position: Researcher at Université catholique de Louvain, BE

Dr. Maria Mercedes Lorenzo Garcia

Graduated in May 2017

Thesis: “Substituent-dependent stereoselective synthesis of hexa-functionalized borazine derivatives”

Current position:

Dr. Deborah Romito

Graduated in March 2022

Thesis: “Exploiting Chalcogen Bonding as supramolecular tool for versatile applications at the solid and liquid phase”

Current position: Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Nantes, FR

Jacopo Dosso

Graduated in June 2020

Thesis: “BN-doped π-conjugated materials: from monomeric to polymeric borazine arrays”

Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Trieste, IT


Dr. Chloé Soombar (2005-2006, researcher at “Elucid Pharma Research Inc.”, Laval, Quebec, CA)

Dr. Vincent Troiani (2006-2007, chief project development at “Biogaran Servier”, Colombes, FR)

Dr. Fabrizio Cattaruzza (2006-2007, senior scientist at the Italian Customs, Roma, IT)

Dr. Emerance Bietlot (2006-2008, first engineer at “Chemviron Carbon” and then senior scientist at the Belgian “Institut scientifique de service public”, BE)

Dr. Jean-Francois Colomer (2007-2008, permanent researcher at the Physic Department, UNamur, BE)

Dr. Hassan Traboulsi (2008-2010, research assistant at the “University of Sherbrooke”, CA)

Dr. Joceline Zeitouny (2009-2010, after a post-doc at “UC Davis”, USA, she’s now permanent teacher and researcher at the “University of Paris South”, FR)

Dr. Praveen Ganesh Nageswaran (2009-2011, senior scientist at “Sandoz Private Limited”, Mumbai, IN)

Dr. Santhosh Babu (2012-2014, senior research scientist at the CSIR-NCL, Pune, IN).

Dr. Adrian Kremer (2010-2015, after a graduation with Prof. Alain Krief, he has joined my research group as a post-doctoral associate, he is now publication manager at XPE biopharm, Bruxelles, BE).

Dr. Irene Georgiu (2012-2015, research fellow in Nottingham University at the School of Chemistry).

Dr. Amal Mandal (2016, research fellow in Pune)

Master students


Arnaud DELFORGE (2009). Bifonctionnalisations régiosélectives de derivés [C60]fullerène-ANP comme outil moléculaire pour le clivage de l’ADN.

Laure-Elie CARLONI (2010). Supramolecular organization of organic chromophores templated by peptide nucleic acids.

Quentin DERAEDT (2010). Conception de nouveaux ligands organiques pour la synthèse de réseaux metallo-organiques. Position actuelle : Assistant au pôle “Molecules, Solids and Reactivity”, Université Catholique de Louvain.

Daphné STASSEN (2010). Bidimensional expansion of porphyrin core.

Florent PINEUX (2011). Synthèse d’un nouveau nano-véhicule auto-propulsé: le nano-strider.

Jonathan TASSEROUL (2011). Assemblage bichromophorique supramoléculaire guidé par triple pont hydrogène.

Florence VALTIN (2012). Nouveau motif de ponts hydrogène donneurs dans la reconnaissance moléculaire.

Jennifer AHRENS (2013). Nanostructures auto-assemblées tubulaires luminescentes.

John HENRARD (2013). Antenne absorbant la lumière blanche.

Alexandre ROSSIGNON (2013). Migration cellulaire assistée par une surface nanostructurée à base de PNA.

Quentin SPILLIER (2013). Nanotubes magnétiques bioactifs visant une teranostique anticancéreuse.

Gauthier SCAVEE (2104). Toward the synthesis of π-extended porphyrins doped with nitrogen atoms.

Nicolas BIOT (2015). Experimental study of SBIs between benzo-[β]-tellurophene and pyridine derivatives.

Francois SIMON (2016). Vers la synthèse de Borazaromatiques.

Visiting Researchers:

Francesco Yafteh Mihan (2011/2012, from Università La Sapienza, Roma)

Visiting students

@Cardiff University

Chane Haï Aurore (2017, from INSA Rouen, France)

Deborah Romito (2016/2017 from University of Bari, Italy)

Francois Kerff (2016/2017 from UCL Louvain, Belgium)

Martin-Jay Laura (2016, from INSA Rouen, France)

Selene Houas  (2016, from INSA Rouen, France)

Lorenzo Luciani (2015/2016 from University of Perugia, Italy)


Cassandra Arico (2015, from Paris Descartes University)

Francesca Cascella (2014, from University of Bari)

Pietro Buono (2014, from University of Chieti)

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