AWS prototype funding awarded

Organic electrochromic materials change colour with an electric current and have many applications as low energy visual indicators. Based on the innovative, sustainable and irreversible electrochromic (EC) materials developed in the group of Davide Bonifazi (Institute of Organic Chemistry) and patented (EP Nº EP22164076.6), this funding will enable the developement of chemically-ensured high-security tickets and labels.

The innovative chemically-ensured high-security tickets and labels comprise an EC display affording unequivocal, irreversible and tamperproof color change upon secure activation. This affordable, additive manufacturing-compatible and easy to read out technology will prove very valuable in fighting counterfeiting from smaller to large-scale events.

The project entitled “High-security irreversible electrochromic tickets prototype development” will be led by Laura Maggini and hosted by group leader Davide Bonifazi, and started at the beginning of December (until July 31st, 2023).

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