Davide Bonifazi

Davide Bonifazi

Davide Bonifazi was born in Guastalla (Italy) in 1975. After obtaining the “Laurea” in “Industrial Chemistry” from the University of Parma (1994-1999) working with Prof. Enrico Dalcanale (organic synthesis and metal-directed self-assembly of cavitands derivatives), he joined the group of Prof. François Diederich as doctoral fellow (organic functionalization of [60]fullerene and porphyrin derivatives) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich (2000-2004). During his doctoral studies he has been also visiting scientist at the Weizmann Institute Scientist working with Prof. David Cahen. He was awarded the Silver Medallion of the ETH for his doctoral dissertation (2005). After a one-year postdoctoral fellowship with Prof. Maurizio Prato at University of Trieste (organic functionalization of carbon nanotubes), he joined the Department of Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Trieste as a research associate first and then as a part-time Researcher/Professor (2012-2016). In 2006, he joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of Namur (BE) as Junior Professor (2006-2011) and as Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry (2012-2015). Since 2016 he is Chair Professor of Organic Supramolecular Chemistry in the School of Chemistry at Cardiff University (UK). In 2010, he was awarded with the “Ciamician Medal” from the Organic Division of the Italian Chemical Society and in 2011 he gained an ERC starting grant.

His activities are focused on the creation of functional organic architectures in interdisciplinary projects through targeted organic synthesis, self-assembly and self-organization of organic architectures in solution and on surfaces, physical-organic studies, and material- and bio-based design.







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