Expanding the Library of 2-Phenylbenzotellurazoles: Red-ShiftingEffect of Ethoxy Functionalities on the UV/Vis Absorption Properties

D. Romito, L. Amendolare, K. K. Kalathila, D. Bonifazi.

Synthesis 2023, 55, 359–367.

DOI: 10.1055/s-0041-1737898


This work describes the high-yield synthesis of a novel series of benzotellurazoles bearing a phenyl ring in 2-position, which is differently functionalized with ethoxy chains. Changing the number and the position of these functional groups determines differences in the self-assembly in the solid state, as well as in the photophysical properties of the targeted molecules. As anticipated by theoretical calculations of the HOMO-LUMO gap of each molecule, the presence of ethoxy chains in o– and p-positions determines up to 20 nm red-shifts in the absorption peaks, when compared to unsubstituted benzotellurazole. Similarly, more significant changes are observed in the chemical shifts of 125Te NMR spectra for those derivatives bearing o– and p-ethoxy functionalization.

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