Paronis Efthymios

Efthymios Paronis

Efthymios Paronis was born in Greece in 1984.

In 2020, he completed his Bachelor degree in Materials Science from University of Patras, Greece, with a degree of 7.25/10 and a thesis on thermo-mechanical design of nano-reinforced composite polymer material.

Then he continued his studies in Materials science and engineering by obtaining his master degree from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, with a final score of 8.69/10. Master degree thesis in “Development and valuation of polymeric solutions containing nano-particles for overlap of superficially modified carbon-fibers” describes the development of sizing solutions which are compatible with epoxy resins for carbon fiber coating.

He joined the group of Prof. D. Bonifazi at the Universität Wien (Vienna, Austria) in November 2023, as a laboratory technician.

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