Rasidi Bin Roslan

Rasidi Roslan is born in Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia. He completed his Ph.D. in 2015 (Materials Science) from the National University of Malaysia under Prof. Dr. Sarani Zakaria investigating the curing kinetics of bio-based phenol-formaldehyde resin. Since 2015-present, he joined the Faculty of Industrial Sciences and Technology at the Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia, as Senior Lecturer under Material Technology Programme.

His research interest is volarization of lignocellulosic biomass, especially agricultural waste from oil palm plantations converting them into various high-value-added products. Current research focuses on the fractionation of biomass using deep eutectic solvent (DES) and acid hydrotrope (AH) via microwave-assisted heating for cellulose, cellulose nanocrystal (CNC), and lignin extraction. The extracted cellulose/CNC was used as filler or self-healing accelerator in thermoplastic, thermoset, and UV-curable resin. Meanwhile, lignin was used as a precursor in the synthesis of bio-based polybenzoxazine, UV-curable coating, and phenolic resin.

He has published 1 chapter in a book and more than 20 articles in local and international journals.

In research and development grants, he has led and secured various research grants (TED1, LRGS, FRGS, and several industrial projects with a total of around €2.5 mil) as project leader, technical project leader, and key researcher. In addition to academic achievement, He has been appointed and referred by related industries, NanoMalaysia Berhad and Neu Solutions Sdn Bhd.

In June 2022, he joined Prof. Bonifazi’s group at the Universität Wien (Vienna, Austria) as a visiting researcher and will be working on the functionalization, blending, and re-processing of chromophores into vitrimers for H2020-MSCA-RISE-2020 project.

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