Welcome to the Bonifazi Research Group website! The group is led by Professor Davide Bonifazi at the Institute of Organic Chemistry in the University of Vienna. We do research in synthetic organic chemistry to develop supramolecular architectures that, through the exploitation of their peculiar physical and structural properties, can contribute to the demonstration of key functions or basic concepts at the intersection of physical organic chemistry, materials science and biology.

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Fantastic day of lectures finishing with a nice slide of Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, and a speech of Alain Krief, and a special issue of Synthesis @thiemechemistry for every participants. Great thanks to all speakers of the #AlainKriefSymposium2023 at @UNamur.

Next talk at #AlainKriefSymposium2023: Lodging boron-nitride bonds into molecular graphenoids | Prof. Davide Bonifazi @BonifaziGroup, @univienna, a former colleague of Alain Krief @UNamur introduced by @CStevens_UGent.

Davide Bonifazi (@stem_univie, Austria) will talk about "Heterodoped molecular graphenoids at work" at #JWOCS23 in Vienna on Feb 27/28. Check out the list of speakers: https://jwocs.univie.ac.at/invited-speakers
@BonifaziGroup @univienna @KyotoU_News @CeMM_News

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