Welcome to the Bonifazi Research Group website! The group is led by Professor Davide Bonifazi at the Institute of Organic Chemistry in the University of Vienna. We do research in synthetic organic chemistry to develop supramolecular architectures that, through the exploitation of their peculiar physical and structural properties, can contribute to the demonstration of key functions or basic concepts at the intersection of physical organic chemistry, materials science and biology.

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26 more slots for oral presentations available at the Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic/Organic Chemistry in Bratislava (22.8.-24.8. 2022)! Submit an abstract by June 30th! And attention, registration fee includes everything, meals and housing! http://bdshc2022.schems.sk

Third @CharismaMCA Summer School at @TampereUni. Thanks Prof. Donaldo Lupo and @DrHamedP for organizing the school! @MSCActions @HorizonEU


Great to see our review on 'Dissipative DNA Nanotechnology' with @erica_delgrosso @RicciLab @FrancoLabUCLA finally online @NatureChemistry. We illustrate the high potential of DNA for constructing non-equilibrium materials & devices.

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