Prof. Damien Murphy and Andrea Folli (EPR determination of radical species and mechanisms in photocatalytic transformations).


Low-temperature self-assembly on surfaces mediated by coordinative interactions: Prof. J. Barth and Prof. W. Willi Auwarter , Technical University of Munich, Munich, DE

Low-temperature Self-assembly on surfaces mediated by H-bonding interactions: Dr. M. Sthoer, Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen, NL

Molecular-surfaces interactions and charging effect (by means of UPS and STS) along with studies about covalent chemistry on surfaces with BN-doped precursors: Prof. G. Costantini, University of Warwick, UK

t the liquid-solid interface: Prof. P. Samorì, Institut de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (I.S.I.S.), Université de Strasbourg, FR

Theoretical and computational studies

Molecular modelling of CNT hybrids with Molecular Dynamic approaches: Prof. R. Lazzaroni, Dr. J. Cornil, Dr. D. Beljonne, University of Mons & MATERIANOVA, BE

Dr. Stefano Leoni (Theoretical modelling and MD Simulations of chromophoric antennas)

Molecular modelling via Molecular Dynamics of CNT-biomolecules hybrids: Dr. A. Magistrato, International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA/ISAS), Trieste, IT


Prof. N. Armaroli, Italian National Research Council in Bologna, IT

Prof. G. Bergamini and Prof. P. Ceroni, Department of Chemistry at the University of Bologna, IT

Measurements of the third-order NLO properties (optical-Kerr effect and optical limiting): Prof. S. Couris, Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH), Patras, GR

Characterization of electrochromic devices: Prof. J Parola and C. Laia, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia Quinta da Torre, Monte da Caparica, Lisbon, PT


Biochemistry: Prof. C. Michiels, Department of Biology, University of Namur, BE

Molecular genetics: Dr. D. Hermand, Department of Medicine, University of Namur, BE

Drug delivery: Prof. T. Da Ros, Department of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences, Trieste, IT


High-resolution photoemission and X-ray absorption experiments performed with synchrotron light source: Dr. G. Di Santo & Dr. A. Goldoni, ELETTRA, Synchrotron Trieste, IT

Single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction: Dr. N. Demitri, ELETTRA, Synchrotron Trieste, IT