Dr. Anna Llanes-Pallas (graduated in April 2009, thesis: “Nanostructuring of organic materials templated by hydrogen bonding recognition”. Current positions: project manager first at the “Institut de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (I.S.I.S.)” Université de Strasbourg and currently at the Biofunctional Nanomaterials Unit at the “IKERBASQUE foundation”, ES)

Dr. Stefan Mohnani (graduated in April 2011, thesis: “Synthetic Approaches towards Modified Nucleic Acids (PNAs) for Biomimetical Nanostructured Surfaces”. Current position: research unit head at “Medichem Manufacturing”, MALTA)

Dr. Simone Armani (graduated in April 2011, thesis: “Five-membered Heterocycles as Novel Molecular Scaffolds for Targeting Triple Hydrogen Bonding Interactions”, chemist at a private sector, IT)

Dr. Claudia Aurisicchio (graduated in September 2011, thesis: “Synthesis, Self-assembly and Optoelectronic Properties of Heteroaromatic Chromophores“. Current position: after a post-doc at the “Imperial College”, UK, she’s now permanent researcher at “Bridgestone Europe”, IT)

Dr. Tomas Marangoni (graduated in March 2012, thesis: “Non-covalent Nanostructuration of Chromophoric Organic Materials”. first position as a post-doc at the “University of Trieste”, ITALY and then as a post-doc at the Department of Chemistry, Berkley, San Francisco, USA)

Dr. Laura Maggini (graduated in November 2012, thesis: “Self-organised Luminescent Materials Templated by Carbon Nanotubes Scaffolds“. After a first post-doc at the “Institut de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (I.S.I.S.)”, Université de Strasbourg, FR, she is now at Cambridge University as research associate in the engineering Department)

Dr. Simon Kervyn (graduated in January 2013, thesis: “Synthesis, Physical Properties and Supramolecular Organization of B-doped Molecular Materials“. Current position: after a post-doc at “UCLA” California, he is now permanent researcher CoRI (Coatings Research Institute) in Ottignies, BE)

Dr. Valentina Corvaglia (graduated in April 2013, thesis: “PNA-assisted cellular migration on patterned surfaces“. After a first post-doctoral position in my group working on biodiagnostic nanotools, she is a post-doctoral fellow at the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology, Bordeaux, FR)

Dr. Federica De Leo (graduated in January 2015, thesis: “Probing peptide-nanomaterial interface by means of Molecular Dynamics“. Current position: MC post-doc at San Raffaele Hospital, Milano, IT)

Dr. Laure-Elie Carloni (graduated in June 2015, thesis: “Synthetic approaches toward functional peptidic scaffolding”. Current position: post-doctoral fellow at Janssen Pharmaceutica, Antwerp, BE)

Dr. Daphné Stassen (graduate in September 2015, thesis: π− Extension of hetero-fused aromatics: from Synthesis to Self-assembly. Current position: Research head Transformation Department at AGC, BE)

Dr. Silvia Forensi (graduate in July 2016, thesis: Towards supramolecularly-organized H-bonded materials and their integration with carbonbased Nanostructure. Current position: Sales manager at DKSH, Milano, IT)

Dr. Florent Pineux (graduate in April 2016, thesis: Functionalized Fe-filled Carbon Nanotubes for Cancer Theranostics. Current position: scientist at GlaxoSmithKline, BE)

Dr. Jonathan Tasseroul (graduate in April 2016, thesis: π− Extension of hetero-fused aromatics: Synthesis of Boron and Nitrogen-doped pi-Conjugated Carbon Nanostructures. Current position: researcher at the Group RIEM, BE).

Dr. Luka Đorđević (graduate in April 2016, thesis title: Tailoring Organic Matter: from Molecular Design to Functional Supramolecular Species. Current position: post-doc with Prof. M. Prato, Trieste, IT).

Dr. Tanja Miletić (graduate in April 2016, thesis title: Functional chromophores for light-harvesting applications).

Dr. Dario Mosca (graduate in December 2016, thesis title: Aromatic engineering of functional soft matter).

Dr. Hamid Oubaha (graduate in January 2017, thesis title: Azobenzene-functionalized borazine: from photoresponsive nanostructures to polymeric materials. Current position: post-doc with Prof. S. Melinte, UCL Louvain, BE).

Dr. Maria Mercedes Lorenzo Garcia (graduate in May 2017, thesis title: Substituent-dependent stereoselective synthesis of hexa-functionalised borazine derivatives)

Dr. Rosaria Vulcano (graduate in October 2017, thesis title: Coupling photoisomerization processes with supramolecular interactions)

Dr. Deborah “chalcogen queen” Romito (graduate in March 2022, thesis title: Exploiting Chalcogen Bonding as supramolecular tool for versatile applications at the solid and liquid phase)


Dr. Chloé Soombar (2005-2006, researcher at “Elucid Pharma Research Inc.”, Laval, Quebec, CA)

Dr. Vincent Troiani (2006-2007, chief project development at “Biogaran Servier”, Colombes, FR)

Dr. Fabrizio Cattaruzza (2006-2007, senior scientist at the Italian Customs, Roma, IT)

Dr. Emerance Bietlot (2006-2008, first engineer at “Chemviron Carbon” and then senior scientist at the Belgian “Institut scientifique de service public”, BE)

Dr. Jean-Francois Colomer (2007-2008, permanent researcher at the Physic Department, UNamur, BE)

Dr. Hassan Traboulsi (2008-2010, research assistant at the “University of Sherbrooke”, CA)

Dr. Joceline Zeitouny (2009-2010, after a post-doc at “UC Davis”, USA, she’s now permanent teacher and researcher at the “University of Paris South”, FR)

Dr. Praveen Ganesh Nageswaran (2009-2011, senior scientist at “Sandoz Private Limited”, Mumbai, IN)

Dr. Santhosh Babu (2012-2014, senior research scientist at the CSIR-NCL, Pune, IN).

Dr. Adrian Kremer (2010-2015, after a graduation with Prof. Alain Krief, he has joined my research group as a post-doctoral associate, he is now publication manager at XPE biopharm, Bruxelles, BE).

Dr. Irene Georgiu (2012-2015, research fellow in Nottingham University at the School of Chemistry).

Dr. Amal Mandal (2016, research fellow in Pune)

Master students


Arnaud DELFORGE (2009). Bifonctionnalisations régiosélectives de derivés [C60]fullerène-ANP comme outil moléculaire pour le clivage de l’ADN.

Laure-Elie CARLONI (2010). Supramolecular organization of organic chromophores templated by peptide nucleic acids.

Quentin DERAEDT (2010). Conception de nouveaux ligands organiques pour la synthèse de réseaux metallo-organiques. Position actuelle : Assistant au pôle “Molecules, Solids and Reactivity”, Université Catholique de Louvain.

Daphné STASSEN (2010). Bidimensional expansion of porphyrin core.

Florent PINEUX (2011). Synthèse d’un nouveau nano-véhicule auto-propulsé: le nano-strider.

Jonathan TASSEROUL (2011). Assemblage bichromophorique supramoléculaire guidé par triple pont hydrogène.

Florence VALTIN (2012). Nouveau motif de ponts hydrogène donneurs dans la reconnaissance moléculaire.

Jennifer AHRENS (2013). Nanostructures auto-assemblées tubulaires luminescentes.

John HENRARD (2013). Antenne absorbant la lumière blanche.

Alexandre ROSSIGNON (2013). Migration cellulaire assistée par une surface nanostructurée à base de PNA.

Quentin SPILLIER (2013). Nanotubes magnétiques bioactifs visant une teranostique anticancéreuse.

Gauthier SCAVEE (2104). Toward the synthesis of π-extended porphyrins doped with nitrogen atoms.

Nicolas BIOT (2015). Experimental study of SBIs between benzo-[β]-tellurophene and pyridine derivatives.

Francois SIMON (2016). Vers la synthèse de Borazaromatiques.

Visiting Researchers:

Francesco Yafteh Mihan (2011/2012, from Università La Sapienza, Roma)

Visiting students

@Cardiff University
Chane Haï Aurore (2017, from INSA Rouen, France)
Deborah Romito (2016/2017 from University of Bari, Italy)
Francois Kerff (2016/2017 from UCL Louvain, Belgium)
Martin-Jay Laura (2016, from INSA Rouen, France)
Selene Houas  (2016, from INSA Rouen, France)
Lorenzo Luciani (2015/2016 from University of Perugia, Italy)
Cassandra Arico (2015, from Paris Descartes University)
Francesca Cascella (2014, from University of Bari)
Pietro Buono (2014, from University of Chieti)

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