Boron Nitride-Doped Polyphenylenic Organogels

J. Dosso, H. Oubaha, F. Fasano, S. Melinte, J.-F. Gohy, C.E. Hughes, K.D.M. Harris, N. Demitri, M. Abrami, M. Grassi, D. Bonifazi.

Chem. Mater. 2022, 34, 23, 10670–10680.



Herein, we describe the synthesis of the first boron nitride-doped polyphenylenic material obtained through a [4 + 2] cycloaddition reaction between a triethynyl borazine unit and a biscyclopentadienone derivative, which undergoes organogel formation in chlorinated solvents (the critical jellification concentration is 4% w/w in CHCl3). The polymer has been characterized extensively by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, solid-state 13C NMR, solid-state 11B NMR, and by comparison with the isolated monomeric unit. Furthermore, the polymer gels formed in chlorinated solvents have been thoroughly characterized and studied, showing rheological properties comparable to those of polyacrylamide gels with a low crosslinker percentage. Given the thermal and chemical stability, the material was studied as a potential support for solid-state electrolytes. showing properties comparable to those of polyethylene glycol-based electrolytes, thus presenting great potential for the application of this new class of material in lithium-ion batteries.

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