Davide Zanetti

Davide Zanetti

Davide Zanetti was born in Torino, Italy, in 1995. He started in 2014 his undergraduate course in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies at the university of Torino (Italy).

He got his Bachelor in 2017 working on a project at the interface between industrial and supramolecular chemistry, focusing on the preparation and physical characterization of new conductive polymers for application in thermoelectric devices. The same year he started his Master course in Advanced Chemistry Methodologies at University of Torino (Italy).

He got his Master degree on October 2019 discussing a thesis about a project in collaboration between the University of Turin and the Institute of Materials Science in Barcelona (Spain) to synthetize, characterize and investigate carborane clusters bearing BODIPY fluorophores in view of possible future application into both medical and material science field.After the Master degree, he worked three months on regional project “Saturno” within Organic Department at University of Torino (Italy), focusing his attention on the identification, separation and quantification of VFA from complex matrices. 

In May 2020 he moved to the University of Vienna (Austria) to start his Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Bonifazi at the Institute of Organic Chemistry. Specifically, his research is focused on the synthesis of O-based polycycles aromatic hydrocarbon for semiconducting and photocatalysis applications.

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