Hierarchic Self-Assembly of Nanoporous Chiral Networks with Conformationally Flexible Porphyrins

Ecija, K. Seufert, D. Heim, W. Auwaerter, C. Aurisicchio, C. Fabbro, D. Bonifazi, J. V. Barth,
ACS Nano 2010, 4, 4936-4942
DOI: 10.1021/nn1013337


We report the hierarchic design of homochiral 2D nanoporous networks under ultrahigh vacuum conditions on the Ag(111) surface by using a flexible porphyrin derivative as a primary unit. The conformational adaptation of the molecular module gives rise to two enantiomers upon 2D confinement, which self-assemble in enantiopure clusters made of three molecules reflecting chiral recognition, which constitute the secondary supramolecular building block mediating the formation of the tertiary complex open networks. Our results show that the creation of homochiral superstructures based on the hierarchical assembly of conformationally flexible molecular components constitutes a unique pathway toward the design of novel and functional chiral structures.

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