Ipek Gökmen

İpek Gökmen

İpek Gökmen was born in Turkey in 2001. She got her high school diploma as well as the IB diploma from “TED Ankara College Foundation Private High School”. She is currently a BSc student in the Chemistry department at “Middle East Technical University”.

She has worked at the Oztop Lab between 2022-2023 for the project “Design of Polysaccharide Based Aerogels and the Use of These Aerogels in Different Food Processing Techniques” under the supervision of RA Serap Namlı.

She has worked for a brief time of three months at AQWADEM, which is an engineering and consulting firm, mainly for water systems. She was in charge of calculating the water footprint of ASKI (Ankara Water and Sewerage Administration).

She is now working in the Bonifazi Group for her Erasmus+ traineeship under the supervision of Terezia Moravkova on the topic of supramolecular assembly of optically active pheromones on the surface of yeast cells.

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