Terézia Morávková

Terezia Moravkova

Terézia Morávková was born in Slovakia, 1994. She achieved her bachelor’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry (2018) and her master’s degree in Organic Chemistry (2020) at Charles University in Prague. Her bachelor’s and master’s thesis projects were focused on the enantioselective formal synthesis of natural compounds with the special focus on enantioselective allylation under the supervision of prof. M. Kotora.

Previously, during her high-school studies, she did one year of a study exchange in the USA, Michigan and during her bachelor studies, she did an Erasmus exchange in Finland (University of Helsinki).

Terézia joined Bonifazi group as a Ph.D. student in November 2020 and her work is focused on the supramolecular assembly of optically active pheromones on the surface of yeast cells.

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